Mistakes To Avoid When Charging your Smartphone

Your smartphone batteries are used based on a precise number of charge cycles, so you are to be mindful of the way you charge your phone to make the phone last longer.

Most people advise never to charge them to 100% or drain them to 0%.


See mistakes to avoid when charging your smartphone

• You let the battery die completely before charging it again

It is not advisable to let your battery go off completely before charging it. Leaving your battery to die completely can damage your device’s life span.


• You leave your phone to charge overnight

Leaving your phone to charge all night long will not only make your battery charge more than necessary but will waste electricity this will also spoil the charging cycles of the battery.

Leaving batteries overnight to charge can cause overheating.


• You use generic and cheap chargers

Every phone has a compatible charger that should not be replaced with another one of another brand or one that was intended for another model.

Using the wrong charger could cause low or too-high energy transmission to your smartphone.

Even if you are replacing your charger, make sure it’s the same model.


• You leave the phone case on while charging

One of the main enemies of batteries is heat and by charging your phone with its case on, you are trapping the heat that is being produced. This will cause the battery and other internal components of the phone to heat up.


• You use the phone while it’s charging

You should not use your phone while charging. This leads to the overstressing of the battery, which is now trying to do two things at once.

Even if you are to receive a call, unplug the phone and put it back to charge when you have ended the call.



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