Some Pros and Cons of Technology

Some Pros and Cons of Technology

The development of technology is one of the most controversial topics, Some Pros and Cons of Technology While some scientists and laymen refer to it as a disaster, others see it as a saving grace and blessing.

In an era where technology has taken over the world and plays an important role in our daily lives and we depend strongly on it to run our existence because of the essential roles it plays in our lives, we should also be aware that it can be detrimental and have cause some limitations to us, too.

Now, let’s weigh the pros and cons on a balance scale.

Here are the pros and cons of technology.


  • It Saves Time.

The advancement of technology is really helpful in time-saving. Everything has been made easy and time-saving. Prior to this era, we’d spend a lot of time in cooking, washing, cleaning, and so many other activities, but since its inception, all these things have been made easier because they are faster to be accomplished. It’s lesser in time to perform tasks than it used to be in those days.

  • Improves Efficiency for Business.

One of the best things technology does for you is to efficiently increase the process of your business or brand.

It gives you an audience to promote your business and makes it easier for you to run. It also helps us to do certain tasks within a shorter range.

Talk about shared drives to emails, the execution, and implementation of business processes. The speed and stress-free intervention of technology are top-notch.

  • A better line of Communication.

If you weren’t born in an earlier time, you probably have heard or read stories of how difficult it is, to communicate with a person in a different part of the world.

Those times were when letters, birds, and travelers were used as a means of communication. You know how long it takes to get a message or information across. Sometimes, these messages don’t even get to their destination.

But, technology has made all these stories in the past. We now easily connect with people and pass information in just a few seconds.

  •  Reduces Cybercrime Activities.

Technology has been able to tame cybercriminal activities to an extent, through the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence.) The algorithm is easier to detect a change in patterns that are unusual from the way it was programmed.

We are still at the early stage of the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in detecting cybercrimes, but as technology advances, it’s very possible to prevent cyber attacks.


The aforementioned advantages of technology I listed above might look mouth-watering, but they are disadvantages to it.

Here are some of the disadvantages:

1. Extreme reliance on technology.

Without realizing it, we are becoming more and more reliant on technology for practically every action we perform. Using a cab service is a good illustration of this. Another example is utilizing GPS to get driving directions to any area. Many people nowadays don’t bother to study or memorize directions since they rely on Google Maps. In a lot of respects, that’s not a good route to be on!

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2. It is Expensive.

Despite the fact that technology has become an integral aspect of many people’s lives, some people still cannot afford some technologies. Many of the technologies that corporations employ are pricey. As a result, one of technology’s most significant drawbacks is that it is only accessible to those who can buy it.

3. Malfunctions in Operations.

The most serious downside of technology is that it is all controlled by machines. And even a little slip in performance can lead to an uncontrollable catastrophe. As a result, a tiny flaw could result in a complete failure, potentially resulting in human death.

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4. There is a Labor Shortage.

The effectiveness of a task has grown tenfold as a result of technological advancements, and this is why technology may soon be able to replace humans. As technology advances, computers and technology will be able to perform tasks that humans could previously perform. As a result, there will be a labor shortage.

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Even businesses nowadays prefer technology that can perform things more quickly than humans. Thus, as technology advances, humans may be replaced by algorithms and robots, although this is still a long way off in education. After all, unlike a professional essay writing service, a machine will not be able to produce and edit a detailed document.

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