Tech is the ability to use tools and skills to provide solutions. The word tech is gotten from two Greek words “techne” and “logos”

Can I go into tech without a college degree?

Yes, you can, a college degree isn’t a prerequisite to learn any of the skills.

Although, it will be an added advantage because it will make grasping knowledge easier.

For instance, a banker who wants to transition into tech will likely pick up data analytics or business analytics as a tech skill, his background makes it easier for him to understand better and faster concepts of data analytics than someone without a banking background.

How to get into tech

Research: you need to carry out research on the different tech skills and identify which one suits you, you can’t just jump into tech because everyone is talking about tech, as a tech enthusiast, carrying out research is a skill you should develop.

Also, you can contact those who are well-grounded for mentoring on which skill to acquire.

You can check google for sites that help you run a test on which skill fits you.

Buy courses: one thing you should know about getting into tech is that you will spend money buying courses and paying for mentorship.

After discovering the skill, you want to go for, sign up for classes, you can take up free courses on Coursera and Udemy or you pay for courses on tech boot camp.

The difference between these free courses from the online learning site and boot camps is that boot camps are live sections with your tutors while these free courses from online learning sites are recorded classes.

Follow your classes religiously: most people pay for classes and don’t attend them, and some sign up for free classes and don’t take them seriously, if you have to excel, you have to take your classes seriously.

One thing about not taking your classes seriously is that, in the beginning, you might be getting it but the moment you leave it, you tend to forget things you have learned, now you have to start all over again, and this is wasting of one’s time and resources.

join a community: the essence of joining a community is to motivate you, you might find  it hard navigating through some tools even after your classes, communities help you either explain better or send you links to videos explaining in simpler terms, communities keep you on your toes, they set deadlines and ask you to achieve a certain goal, communities also help you get connected.

Intern or volunteer: the truth is most big names in tech got there by volunteering or interning first, volunteering and interning help to build your capacity and confidence, most people see volunteering as a means of companies to exploit them but it’s not so with every company, so volunteer or intern.

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