The Global World Connection Tech Hub: Fostering A Greenhouse For Innovation

The resurgence of start-up incubators and ancillary support groups in the tech industry, particularly its impressive rise in Sub-Saharan Africa, has been attended by the appearance and growth of increasingly popular “tech hubs” that promise much-needed help with promotion and expansion to brilliant, yet obscure, new businesses with the added benefit of no risk, catch or strings attached.

It is a promise that has seen itself delivered time and again in the last half-decade with a wealth of rewards for all parties involved and, in so doing, has prompted the establishment of even more such incubators. In no place is this ripple effect more pronounced than yours truly, Nigeria, for if Sub-Saharan Africa is to be seen as the new boiling pot of the technologically innovative and Avante-Garde then Nigeria is its Silicon Valley; a cornucopia of ideas, spoiled for choice and teeming with little geniuses and enthusiastic upstarts.

It is no surprise then that out of this potpourri came to the Global World Connection Tech Hub or GWC Tech Hub Ltd. With a clear and concise mission—a desire to help develop and expand small-scale businesses–and an assortment of the most competent whizzes anyone can assemble, the GWC has sought to establish a healthy foundation of enterprise, creativity, and know-how in the nation’s southeast.

It is worthy of note that this is not a region well-known for its technological or innovative endeavors and yet this image continues to be shaken and changed as the GWC, alongside its allied and partnered hubs and incubators in the area, breaks the mold and continues to build on the work it has done over the years.

Enugu State has seen its influence in the industry and its niches grow with the efforts of the GWC and it is without a shadow of a doubt that anyone can conclude that in time, as the brilliant minds and zealous individuals continue to pour their hearts into this goal to uplift, promote and support start-ups and great ideas in the region, the state and all it is affiliated with will come to be synonymous with technological excellence, bohemian inventions and Nigeria’s greenhouse for innovation.

Fancy yourself an innovator of sorts or think your business is just the kind the GWC is on the lookout for? Take a look around, reach out, and get stuck in. Brilliant ideas were meant to be shared.

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