Ways You Can Use Your Old Android Phone.

Ways You Can Use Your Old Android Phone.

Perfect 3 Ways You Can Use Your Old Android Phone, before now, I used to think if there was a way my old phone could be put to use. Because I’d usually dispose of them, or I give them to kids as toys.

Now, the reverse is the case. Do you know you can now repurpose your old phones into something useful?
You could replace it with a Google Pixel 6, one of the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones, or even jump ship and acquire an iPhone. What, on the other hand, should you do with your much-loved old phone? You may either keep it in a drawer or sell it. You do, however, have some more intriguing possibilities to explore.

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If your phone is too old to be worth much as a trade-in, you want to save money on a camera or a Google Home, or you simply enjoy tinkering, There are a lot of repurposing you can do to your Android device. It can be used as a surveillance camera, picture storage device, or even a Nintendo Game Boy.

Here are three ways you can use your old android phone:

  • Turn your Android into a wireless mouse with this simple hack.

When your wireless mouse fails unexpectedly, it might be aggravating. It’s always good to have a backup, and you can quickly turn your phone into a mouse. To do so, you’ll need to download an app such as Remote Mouse.

Connect your phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network once you’ve downloaded the software, then wave goodbye to your old mouse. Keep it in your laptop case for when you’re on the run.

  • Your Android can be used as a security camera for your home.

Turn your outdated phone into a home security camera to feel safe. To get started, download a security camera program like Alfred (which also works with an iPhone). While you’re at work, check on your residence to make sure everything is in order. Place the phone in the house’s main room, where you may get the finest view.

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Set it up outside (hidden, of course) when you get home to see who’s knocking on your door or if there’s any strange activity. Maybe it’s simply a raccoon, not your neighbor’s kid, who’s been putting candy wrappers in your yard.

  • You can use your Android as a universal remote control.

It’s fantastic to have a single remote that can handle everything — think of Adam Sandler’s film Click. Okay, perhaps not to that extreme. It’s a relief, though, to be able to control all of your devices from a single remote. Install a remote control app like iRule on your phone, then sync it with your Apple TV, Xbox One, and Roku.

You may also sync your phone with smart light bulbs if you have them. Follow these instructions to make your gadget into a universal remote, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your TV remote again.

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