Why Your Phone Battery Drains Faster and How to Fix it

You may be wondering why your phone battery drains faster especially if it hasn’t been that way.

The post will guide you on why your  battery drains faster and how to fix it.


See reasons why your phone battery drains faster

• The screen is too bright

• Too many apps running location services.

•The battery is at the end of its life cycle.

•The screen stays on too long before going to sleep.

•Phone operating system is outdated.

•There are too many push notifications and alerts draining the battery.

•There are too many apps running in the background.


How to fix it


Use only the apps you need

Having too many apps can drain your  battery. Try deleting apps you don’t use to declutter your phone, turn the brightness down when you can and restrict background usage of some apps you don’t use. Your battery lasts longer when you use your phone efficiently.


Adjust your screen timeout settings

Your screen timeout controls how much time passes before your screen goes to sleep. Since your phone uses energy to stay lit, shorter time intervals between sleep cycles are recommended to save battery life.

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The phone is old or outdated

Modern smartphones that came out after 2017 have OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens, which don’t have backlights like LCD (liquid crystal display) screens do. This allows the screen to draw less power when displaying darker colors.

Try upgrading your phone to a modern model, this may help to get the most battery-friendly features available.


Keep phone away from extreme temperatures

Another condition that drains your  battery is extreme temperatures.  The ideal temperature to keep your phone is room temperature. Also, avoid charging it under your pillow or clothing.


Limit your push notifications

Notifications have a way of draining your phone battery. From breaking news to food delivery updates, notifications are how you stay connected and in the know. If too many alerts are active, they can drain your Android battery.


Lower background activity

Try to keep background activities low, especially apps like Facebook and Instagram which can still run in the background, checking for updates, refreshing content, and push notifications, even after you’ve closed them.


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